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Personal Tax Investigation

Personal Tax Investigation

HMRC has significantly boosted its tax investigations and enquiries in recent years, in response to government pressure. At Makesworth Tax Investigation, we've been counselling a lot of firms, accountants, and attorneys from all across the UK on the growing number of tax investigations and how to protect your company from negative tax investigations.

Any business can be the subject of a tax investigation. Whether you are a large established business or an individual entrepreneur, you may have questions about HMRC taxes. Any tax investigation, whether related to income tax, self-assessment, PAYE or corporate tax, will be conducted by HMRC. Most businesses will be notified that they are the subject of a tax investigation through an official letter from HMRC. In some cases, HMRC will call a business to notify them of a tax investigation, but this usually involves investigations into VAT cases. For Income Tax and Corporate Tax questions, HMRC will write to the registered address to notify them of the question.

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We are the finest provider of tax investigation services in the United Kingdom. Our accountants and tax advisers are all highly qualified experts that provide proactive and high-quality assistance to corporations, individuals, contractors, and small enterprises.

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As HMRC concentrates its approach to collecting money and combating tax evasion, there are more compliance investigations than ever before - and you don't have to do anything wrong to be examined. Anyone who files a tax return might be a target, and our tax research service is your greatest defence.

Many tax audits are conducted at random. Unusual swings, hidden accounts, and haphazard spending can all lead to an investigation into persons and businesses. HMRC has the authority to check business records and assets on your premises, to request documents and information, to conduct unannounced inspections, and to investigate matters going back up to six years. If HMRC detects anything, it will pile up as a heap of stress and would cost much more money you have made.

Anyone who files a tax return is a possible target. You don't have to do anything illegal to be examined. There doesn't have to be a cause for it. When everyone is feeling the squeeze, the chances of an uncomfortable, costly, and time-consuming tax inquiry are greater than ever.

Don't be surprised if HMRC says it'll look into your tax payments. We're your go-to accountant and strongest ally. We'll translate HMRC's many difficult inquiries, handle the whole interaction with the taxman, assist you in submitting any needed information, and minimize the impact on your business or personal life. However, there's always a catch: the expense of assisting you during an inquiry isn't included in our standard accounting costs. A charge protection service can help in this situation.

We have negotiated rate protection services with Croner TaxWise for you. The fee service covers the costs incurred for most types of consultation and disputes. The service can pay up to £ 100,000 of professional fees incurred for HMRC consultations. By using this service, you will also be dealing with a familiar and trusted face who understands your affairs, rather than an unfamiliar accountant who might be appointed when you sign up for an alternate plan. We believe we know your business best and look forward to serving you when you need us most. Contact us by email and let us prepare together for the unexpected.

Tax Inquiry Investigation

Tax audits and investigations may be costly, difficult, and emotionally draining. Individuals, trusts, and businesses benefit from our comprehensive tax advice, and our professional staff has extensive experience dealing with tax investigations and disclosures, as well as settling issues with HMRC. All of our consultants have dealt with tax difficulties before, and we are experts in this field.

We are giving a one-hour no-obligation consultation to potential clients. It allows you to learn more about what we can do for you.
We are proud of the level of service we provide and the attention we pay to our clients' demands. We work hard to ensure that clients have the least amount of stress and inconvenience to their companies throughout a tax investigation, and that they only pay taxes that are required.